Ari Oinas (b. Rovaniemi, Arctic Circle) is a Finnish photographer, currently residing in Salo.


Photography has been part of how I see the world from my childhood in Sweden. After school I took my camera and made field trips, photography was and is my magical friend. In my teens we moved to Finland, back to my home country. I became even more interested in photography. Today I work as a professional photographer with a keen interest in wildlife and portrait photography. In my pictures I try to recognize the fleeting moment that borders between reality and imagination. My goal is to make pictures with an emotive twist that are as unique as the person, landscape or the wildlife in my photographs.

I have a deep respect for the people in this world and the conservation of our surrounding nature. Vincent Munier, a great wildlife photographer, has said: “I like it when men and animals can share the same path of life. And I think this kind of symbiosis is a great and vital source of energy for us all.”

Photography enables a deep connection to our fellow human beings and to the surrounding nature. Ultimately, respect for our fellow human beings and the love of nature is the best way to connect to this planet, its people and its amazing nature.

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Ari Oinas

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