I am specialised in nature and wildlife phototography together with portrait photography. Both of which I love. All of my portrait photography sessions are held at some interesting great location. Many are outdoors in the nature using portable studio lights and equipments. Here are some examples of my photography services.



Weddings and portraits | Trash the frock

A different kind of wedding portrait shoot in an interesting location. Before the shoot we have a consultation meeting discussing the shoot and the location. This started as an after or before the wedding day, without the time, neatness and location constraints of the wedding day. The photoshoot can be held in ( and I mean ´in´) a lake, an abandoned house or the backstreets of your home town. Just about anywhere you could imagine! This is your chance for a unique and creative portrait!

Music, bands, corporate and head shots

Do you need a photoshoot for upcoming concert tour, CD or campaign? Do you need layouts for your CD:s and posters from the photoshoot pictures. I also work as a graphic designer.

All enterprises need inspiring marketing photos, which help promote business needs and are visually interesting. Plans are made with the client for the photographic project, so that the photos have the desired message, profile and feeling.

The photoshoot can consist of a person being photographed in a real life situation, of executive portraits on location for annual corporate reports, or informative photos for your internet site.

Sports | Events

These consists of sports, premiers, birthdays, festivities and much more. All photographed in a documentary style.



Work consisting of commissions and several personal projects.

Related assignments according to your needs.